Hearing God clearly in the everyday

Equipping you to hear his voice, share his heart, and partner with his dreams!

Our Mission at made plain

God has an incomprehensible number of brilliant truths, desires, and destinies that he longs to release in the world, and his plan is to release them through you! Our mission is to help you hear God clearly in the everyday so that you can run with the vision he has over your life and encourage the world around you to do the same. The Bible is full of people hearing God on a personal level, and the same intimate relationship is meant for you!

Our hope is that through our time together, YOU will be fully equipped to hear his voice, share his heart, and partner with his dreams, which is why most of our training and content is designed to have you actively participating along with us. We love to share the incredible stories we have from acting on what we’ve heard God speak, but our heart is ultimately to see you in the story, stepping out and miraculously changing the course of the world in a way that wouldn’t have been possible had you not partnered with the voice of a passionate and personal God.

Some of the ways we’d love to serve you

  • Biblical Teaching and Hands-On Training in Hearing God and the Prophetic Gifts

  • Prophetic Consulting: Vision & Direction for Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Churches

  • Dream Interpretation

  • Inner Healing Prayer

  • Building Local Prophetic Communities

Our heart is to practically show you how to do all the exciting supernatural stuff, not have you contact us every time you need an answer or breakthrough from God. If there is any way you feel we could help bring the prophetic to where you are, whether you’re a pastor, business owner, artist, or just someone who’s hungry for deeper connection with God, send us an email and let’s see how we can partner together! While we plan to do a lot through social media, we are available to travel for more intensive and customized training.

Who we are

Made Plain is led by Josh and Trista Lamb

The Lamb family, Josh, Trista, and their two daughters, Ember and Cedar live in downtown Lancaster, PA. Trista is an incredible cook with a passion for hospitality and inner healing, while Josh loves to eat Trista’s cooking and make people laugh.

Having a passion for the local church, Josh and Trista pastor University Christian Fellowship on the campus of Millersville University. Located at 121 N George Street, Millersville, PA, come and join Sunday mornings from 10-12 if you’re hungry for a place where the Spirit moves, Jesus is exalted, and everyone gets to participate!

Josh and Trista also lead Prophetic Lancaster, a local community designed to connect and train people with similar hearts and hunger to explore and mature in the prophetic gifts. If you’re in the Lancaster area, consider connecting with this local group via Facebook for their monthly gatherings.

P.S. These guys used to write, record, and tour full-time as long-haired hippies in a band called The Beggar Folk. Ah, memories.


Made Plain is led by Josh and Trista Lamb
Lancaster, PA

Can’t Wait to Hear From You!